Forward Facing Video

The AIVR (Automated Intelligent Video Review) system easily captures and transmits HD video whilst on the move, and automatically transmits video via 4G/5G to be instantly accessible and securely online.

AIVR FFV (Forward Facing Video) captures video from onboard in-service and monitoring trains travelling across the rail network, and uploads it to the AIVR Platform for online digital review.
This cloud-based up-to-date video of the lineside environment is helping reduce the need to physically attend site.
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How AIVR Forward Facing Video is captured:

Working in partnership with Network Rail, Transport for Wales and multiple TOCs and FOCs for collaborative data capture and maximum coverage.

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What our partners say about us

"AIVR by One Big Circle has enabled our planning and site teams to gain a better understanding of site conditions and layout before attending the location due to the availability of regularly updated high quality footage."


Anthony Brooks, Senior Planning Manager

"GGP find the AIVR system to be a useful and user friendly tool for both increasing our pre-site survey spatial awareness around proposed assets and obtaining a base understanding of the lie of the land for our many long linear projects."

GGP Consult

Euan Allison, Principal Civil Engineer

"It really is a massive benefit having such a vast coverage of cab footage without the hassle of having to arrange track access and often drive hundreds of miles in the process."

Operations Director

"Ease of use and an extensive video library made for rapid deployment of this tool to the project teams. Gives an up-to-date window view into project environments."


Project Manager

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I live in North Yorkshire, in less than 5 minutes I can be in London, or Cornwall, or Scotland, viewing high-resolution videos of sections of track I would otherwise have had to visit in person to perform the same visual checks. It’s an invaluable and easy-to-use tool.

Schweizer Electronic

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