AIVR’s Thermal automatically detects electrical faults – or thermal ‘hotspots’ –  on the conductor rail, and categorises potential issues by their level of risk, and alerts users to the exact location of a hotspot. This AI-driven feature is crucial for proactive maintenance and the early detection of rail track hotspots in the rail industry.  categorises potential issues by their level of risk, and alerts users to the exact location of a hotspot.

Analyse hotspots on the AIVR Platform

Analyse hotspots on the AIVR Platform

On the AIVR Platform, users can analyse detected hotspots alongside it’s categorised risk level and hotspot history, so that they can be safely attended to and repaired before failure.

Users are able to compare the FFV and Thermal Video, so that decisions can be made remotely regarding maintenance requirements and whether intervention is required, or continue to monitor the footage.

Data can be exported via spreadsheets and other open formats for teams to review and share.

Hotspots are automatically available to review on AIVR, along with the historical video data at a hotspot’s particular location.

The AIVR Thermal system consists of:

The AIVR Thermal system consists of:

  • Thermal cameras are deployed alongside forward-facing video (FFV) cameras (temporarily or permanently) on in-service vehicles. 
  • Thermal and FFV footage is recorded simultaneously from onboard vehicles
  • Video and locational data is automatically transmitted via 4G/5G in rapid time, securely accessible online on the AIVR Platform.

AIVR Thermal has been highly beneficial to the rail industry, winning the 2022 ‘Safety Achievement of the Year’ National Rail award in collaboration with Network Rail. Its application has led to large cost and time savings, with devices already deployed on in-service trains for remote temperature monitoring, collecting and uploading video footage to the cloud rapidly.

What our partners say about us

"Very good equipment to have to give us a heads-up before the patrols are due as some of these faults may not have been seen for a few months until the patrols are completed. I can now plan ahead and get the faults checked and the work completed before it effects the running of any passenger train."

Network Rail

Section Supervisor CRE

"A fantastic example of use of trainborne technology to improve performance & intervene before failure, and in such a critical area; well done to the project team working on thermal imaging."

Network Rail

Infrastructure Director

"AIVR by One Big Circle has enabled our planning and site teams to gain a better understanding of site conditions and layout before attending the location due to the availability of regularly updated high quality footage."

Senior Planning Manager

"We find the AIVR system to be a useful and user friendly tool for both increasing our pre-site survey spatial awareness around proposed assets and obtaining a base understanding of the lie of the land for our many long linear projects."

Principal Civil Engineer

"It really is a massive benefit having such a vast coverage of cab footage without the hassle of having to arrange track access and often drive hundreds of miles in the process."

Operations Director

"Great solution that’s enabled early planning of work sites in a controlled space prior to going trackside - reducing exposure to the railway environment and improving site knowledge."

Construction Manager

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