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One Big Circle

We create intelligent video solutions in challenging industrial environments to improve efficiency and safety. Formed in 2017, One Big Circle is a fast-growing Bristol technology company that provide “Intelligent Video” solutions. We focus entirely on solving real-world industry problems by fusing new technology in the field of Video, IOT, Cloud and AI providing end to end solutions which allow our customers to dramatically improve their operational efficiency and safety. Our culture is one of high-quality technical delivery and we work at a speed that many industries are unaccustomed to; we have done this by building a team dynamic that challenges and empowers our people and creating an environment where everyone contributes and learns. We are growing, profitable and have ambitious plans to continue expansion in and beyond our existing markets.

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Featured News

Bristol’s One Big Circle Wins Major Rail Industry Award

Pioneering video technology specialist, One Big Circle, is celebrating a huge win at last night’s National Rail Awards. The Bristol-based SME brought home the ‘Innovation of the Year’ award, thanks[…]

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How integrated systems and open data can help the rail industry

One of our strengths at One Big Circle is that we’re experts in the integration of systems. We develop our products, including our flagship product AIVR (Automated Intelligent Video Review), to work with systems already in place to ensure that data can be shared openly, when[…]

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How can SMEs break into a devolved rail industry?

The impact devolution has had on the rail industry cannot be underestimated. Devolution gives local authorities the opportunity to be more responsive to local requirements and put ‘passengers first’. This process has resulted in a wealth of opportunities. From more localised funding, employment, increased local expertise and a wide variety of benefits for local communities who are now involved and[…]

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Video tech pioneer One Big Circle secures coveted contract extension with Transport for Wales

Pioneering video technology and AIVR (Automated Intelligent Video Review) specialist, One Big Circle, has secured a three-year contract from Transport for Wales (TfW) to augment its on board fleet technology,[…]

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