AIVR OLE (Overhead Line Equipment) utilises a range of innovative capture systems to rapidly deliver data. Integrated Machine Learning and AI capabilities are specifically engineered to support advanced digital inspection methods and predictive maintenance planning for OLE. This enables the railway operators to proactively address predictive maintenance challenges in railways, effectively helping to avoid unplanned downtime and improve the longevity of their railway assets.

Pantograph Analysis Integrations

Pantograph Analysis Integrations

OLE Climate Resilience

OLE Climate Resilience

AIVR’s Machine Learning models tackle weather-induced railway failures by automatically identifying and measuring balance weights along the trackside to support predictive monitoring of Overhead Wires. The AI capability helps mitigate the weather impact on overhead wires by providing continued monitoring of the height and descent of balance weights. This aligns with weather events, helping to prevent slackened lines in extreme weather and avert the potential associated safety risks.


Corona Discharge Events

Corona Discharge Events

Developed from a Proof of Concept delivery, AIVR addresses invisible corona discharge risks by facilitating the detection of invisible Corona discharge along the overhead line using UV Corona cameras. These cameras can be installed onto a measurement fleet or in-service train, transmitting real-time corona discharge detection data for online review. Integrated Machine Learning models automatically detect occurrences of Corona within the UV data, where experts can safeguard against UV Corona events and assess deterioration or maintenance requirements intuitively.

What our partners say about us

"Great solution that’s enabled early planning of work sites in a controlled space prior to going trackside - reducing exposure to the railway environment and improving site knowledge."

Construction Manager

"GGP find the AIVR system to be a useful and user friendly tool for both increasing our pre-site survey spatial awareness around proposed assets and obtaining a base understanding of the lie of the land for our many long linear projects."

GGP Consult

Euan Allison, Principal Civil Engineer

"AIVR by One Big Circle has enabled our planning and site teams to gain a better understanding of site conditions and layout before attending the location due to the availability of regularly updated high quality footage."


Anthony Brooks, Senior Planning Manager

"We have found the AIVR software really useful and a great tool to assist us with our Signalling Design projects!"

DigiSig Rail Group

Russell Simpson

"We think it is a great tool and really helps us with our planning – we are just scratching the surface of using it “properly,” I think so expect to get more value as we go."

Kent Group

Robert Kent, Operations Director

"AIVR gives us 100% visibility from each site, whereas before we'd be lucky if we were to see 50% of the site."

Story Plant

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"It really is a massive benefit having such a vast coverage of cab footage without the hassle of having to arrange track access and often drive hundreds of miles in the process."

Operations Director

"AIVR is a good tool for Access Point work, such as identification of track entrance Stairs and Platform ends. I have used AIVR to support already collected data with further verification confirmation."

Network Data Manager

"Great solution that’s enabled early planning of work sites in a controlled space prior to going trackside - reducing exposure to the railway environment and improving site knowledge."


Construction Manager

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"AIVR has become an essential component of our POS planning process."

Shovlin Plant Hire


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