Case Study: SPEaC Happy


SPEaC Happy

We helped two co-founders take their business to the next stage with mobile apps, and became domain experts to secure an ongoing service agreement.

SPEaC Happy is a real-time feedback tool, analytics platform and training facility for organisations. By monitoring staff well-being and engagement, it aims to improve the working environment for all.




React Native, Django, Heroku, Python, PostgreSQL


Android and iOS apps delivered inside 8 week schedule. OBC engaged as ongoing service and support providers to the platform.


Our clients had reached the point where demand for their maturing product was outstripping their technical resource. We understood that there was a pressing need for ‘productisation’ of the system so that it could be rolled out to new organisations without requiring an unsustainable degree of support, and some specific enhancements required to secure the business of new customers.

Significant technical work had already been done, and we would need to collaborate closely with the existing team to help accelerate development into this next stage of their business’s journey.


In situations like this where there is existing technology being developed against and variety of different work that could potentially be done, our priority is always to try and learn as much as possible about the current systems as soon as we can. Scoping a smaller project gives us an opportunity to dive in to the existing technology and get to know it inside out while also delivering concrete results for our client. This helps us to specify future work more accurately, which benefits everybody.

With that in mind, we worked with our client to identify high priority works that suited a short, standalone project. Together we scoped 8 weeks of work, focusing on the development of new mobile apps which would integrate with the current system, mirroring the functionality of the pre-existing ‘terminal’ web application front-end. We promptly set up good lines of communication with the existing project owner, who we collaborated closely with throughout the process.
Our experience with React Native meant that we were able to develop both Android and iOS apps in parallel, saving on time, money and lines of code.


Both the iOS and Android apps were delivered to spec and on time, and are now being used to roll out the SPEaC Happy monitoring solution to organisations across England.

Having spent 8 weeks hands-on with the system, we were now extremely well placed to offer FHIntuition ongoing support services during the rollout, and remain their technology partner. 


“From the outset we were impressed by the professionalism of one big circle. They worked with us to develop our app with enthusiasm and talked us through every step of the process. The team was clearly very knowledgeable and answered all our questions promptly.

The final look of the app and its functionality was slick and professional and exactly what we were after. They were always on or ahead of schedule and we couldn’t be more impressed by both the team and their work, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them.”

Andrew Hollowood – Director – FHIntuition

Tools and Technology


Using React Native enabled OBC to develop both Android and iOS apps in parallel


Location specific QR codes issued by tenants control user access to feedback portals


We joined the organisation’s existing team on the Heroku cloud platform


Adopted the existing codebase which used the Python Flask framework for web applications

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