Case Study: Pathways



Thoughtful user experience design, digital video expertise and agile development processes enabled One Big Circle to deliver a prototype of this complex distributed video system in just 8 weeks.

Underpinning My Action Replay Pathways is a powerful system for the efficient capture of indexed video, utilising multiple input sources and integrating with distributed hardware in the field. The result is a system that manages to stay manageable and intuitive to use even while capturing a huge volume of data.




React Native, AWS,


Successful trials with Sussex CCC, Crystal Palace FC.


My Action Replay wanted to develop a video system for sports academies, who were trying to meet an increasing demand for higher standards of professionalism, transparency and inclusion for the players on their development pathway. 
The requirements were for a cross-platform mobile application which would enable coaches to code a training session live, generating indexed video which could be searched through and intelligently distributed to stakeholders. A partnered web application would let academy directors and coaches administer their programme and analyse the performance data.


We recognised that the solution to My Action Replay’s requirements could be separated into two core components: an application-agnostic cloud engine for the ingestion, manipulation and distribution of indexed video and an application-specific mobile app for performing capture in the field.

Mobile App Development

Knowing that our users would be operating the data capture app in a challenging real-world environment, One Big Circle’s approach was to rapidly iterate towards a functional prototype which we could then use to draw more insight and feedback from users in the field. Within three weeks of development beginning we were able to distribute our first release to selected users. Our expertise in React Native app development enabled us to develop for both Android and iOS in parallel.

User Experience Design

By involving our clients and users in the user experience design process, we were able to agree a clear vision of how the data capture application would look, feel and operate. As part of this process, we identified that a traditional account-based user registration process would present a significant barrier to entry for some of the system’s most important users.
We instead designed a ‘login-less’ access control system driven by the distribution of managed invite URLs which would deep link directly into the mobile app, marshalling any installation step if required. This made it possible for brand new users to go from receiving a Whatsapp message to capturing real data in a matter of taps.

Video Engineering & IP Camera Integration

We built in support for multiple different sources of video, and a queued upload system designed to be resilient on both client and server. Users could choose to use their mobile device’s camera, trigger a permanently installed IP camera remotely or upload pre-recorded footage from the camera roll.
Doing so required the development of our own bespoke video processing libraries for iOS and Android, contributing to important open source projects such as react-native-fs, and expertise in distributed networks of IP CCTV cameras.


Pathways is becoming a core part of how Sussex County Cricket Club run their academy. In the 6 weeks since the pilot officially launched, more than 800 academy players have been registered on the system, and coaches have recorded over 20k data points in 200 training sessions.

Based on the success of the player development product, My Action Replay and One Big Circle are now extending the system to address the needs of academy recruitment teams, and are engaged in trials with Crystal Palace Football Club.


” The only piece of technology I have ever seen work in the world of sport video. 
– Richard Halsall, Academy Director at Sussex County Cricket

Tools and Technologies


OBC’s expertise with React Native enabled the development of Android and iOS apps in parallel.


Based on Amazon Web Services, our Pathways prototype is designed to scale while remaining performance and secure.


We used to create a powerful link-based system for login-less access control.


OBC’s extensive expertise in CCTV and digital video enabled powerful integration of Pathways with existing infrastructure.