Case Study: Network Rail

The Challenge

With 20,000 miles of track, 30,000 bridges and a myriad of sign, signals & crossings across the country, Network Rail face huge challenges in understanding the condition of their infrastructure as the network faces increasing capacity and growing pressures to reduce delays caused by reactive maintenance.

The Solution

One Big Circle created AIVR – Automated Intelligent Video Review – a lightweight train-borne device that sits inside the cab of operational or maintenance vehicles and captures video data whilst on the move. The video is packaged with telemetry and other sensor data and transmitted from the train via 4G. Data is instantly accessible securely online, giving eyes onto everything that the train has passed through and enabling smart decisions about where to take action.

The Impact

AIVR was fitted securely into the NMT cab within twenty minutes. It remained for three weeks during September 2019 capturing over 100 hours of data whilst on the move and helping NR map the network. It was crucial that the device didn’t require any additional work for the operators or distract the driver so AIVR is configured to activate automatically on motion and power down when at a stop. The video data was instantly accessible online via a secure dashboard and enabled remote condition monitoring for desk-top engineers.

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