Case Study: My Action Replay


My Action Replay

Distributed camera system and digital video platform enabling sportspeople and organisations to capture, manage and share their sporting highlights.

My Action Replay was the brainchild of our very own Barnaby Kent. An enthusiastic and relatively capable sportsman in his youth, Barn had long been interested in capturing his performances on camera. With the help of colleagues and friends, Barn was able to adapt his expertise in the Intelligent Transport Systems industry and CCTV into the development of MAR.


Us.  Before One Big Circle, Barnaby, Emily, Ian and Sam were part of the core team at My Action Replay.


IP video, distributed hardware network, AWS cloud infrastructure, web and mobile applications. Serverless video processing. GPU accelerated video processing. Integration with existing scoring applications.


1.6 Million replays generated to date. Installed at Goals soccer centres, county cricket clubs and multi-sport venues worldwide. Acquired by, and integrated into, CricHQ, the world’s largest digital platform for Cricket.


My Action Replay wanted to democratize sports video, bringing high-quality social and performance tools to every level.

Develop a system that enables sports venues and individuals to easily create video highlights and live streams. It needs to be significantly less expensive than professional broadcast systems, and simple enough to operate that the players themselves or venue staff can do it themselves.
Venue staff, team administrators and performance analysts need to be able to sort through and share the created clips on social media or directly to players, without having to employ a dedicated social media manager to handle the overhead.


The key insight was to develop an always-on camera system that generated bite-sized replays at the push of a button.

The camera would always be running – but the footage stored only temporarily. By pushing a button, the user could save the last X seconds of action.  They could immediately review it if they wanted to, or wait until after the game to watch their own highlights reel.

The value of saving only the ‘interesting bits’ in this way was immediately obvious: users could self-edit their own highlights. Instead of a third party having to operate the camera and edit the footage the players themselves could simply run over and hit the button whenever they wanted.  A lot has changed over the years as the My Action Replay system is continuously updated and improved, but this self-editing mechanic is still at the heart of it.

IP CCTV cameras are installed at the venue with control and monitoring through our network of distributed ‘Hubs’. We built a web-based calendar interface for venue staff to manage recording sessions, and seperate web applications for content managers and end users to sort through, view and share the generated replays.

We developed mobile units which don’t require a fixed installation of IP cameras for teams and individuals who wanted to take their MAR system with them on away days, and a prototype mobile app for those who wanted even more portability.


1.6 Million replays and an acquisition.

The My Action Replay platform has now handled over 1.6 Million replays generated by over a hundred installations in nine countries around the world. We’ve broadcast football, cricket, tennis, basketball, squash, ice hockey and rock climbing to name a few. We have worked with national five-a-side centres, County cricket clubs and some of the best sporting schools in Britain.

My Action Replay was acquired by CricHQ in 2017 and integrated into CricHQ’s mobile scoring application and web platform. Anyone who scores using the CricHQ app can now automatically generate indexed video replays as they score.

Tools and Technologies

My Action Replay is a mature solution for capturing and distributing sports video at any level. It’s development required the team to work across domains, becoming expert in fields that might have fallen outside their strictest role description.


Separate web applications for content managers and end users developed mainly with PHP & Vue.js


MySQL relational database for user management and AWS DynamoDB for rapid retrieval of indexed replays and metadata


iOS and Android applications for interfacing with the MAR Hub on site, viewing & triggering replays.


We used AWS lambda to build a powerful video processing pipeline for asset generation and video editing

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