Case Study: Costain

The Challenge

Technology based construction and engineering company, Costain, needed to modify a complex distributed video platform and application in order to interface with a new set of very high specification camera sensors and other precision movement, sensing and enhancement components.

This needed to be done in a manner which could ensure data from these sensors was included in the video stream from the cameras and also in a manner in which the video was delivered with very low latency. This was especially important as the camera needed to be moved in a highly precise manner whilst viewing very long distances.

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The Solution

We needed to use our full suite of video expertise in order to ensure that both sensor products, platform and applications were enhanced with bespoke software, and that they built on top of open standards and protocols. Our integration skills were also required to ensure correct integration and operation between so many different components.

We developed embedded software that operated and communicated with the end camera and sensing equipment as well platform and application & UI level software to complete the task with success. An important aspect of the success was also utilising our knowledge of video streaming protocols and standards in order to infuse extra data into those protocols in a way that utilised those standards rather than breaching them and causing other issues.

The Outcome

The successful execution of our project plan ensured that a fully working application was able to comprehensively interface with the new equipment and enable the operator to get the full capability from the camera and sensing equipment. Thanks to the specialist low latency techniques we employed and the infusion of data into the video stream transport they were able to get immediate feedback to gain far more from the camera and sensing equipment.


“Your thoughtful leadership, Innovation, Patience and outstanding ability to develop and modify the video management system software to our exacting standards, in such a short time, made a significant contribution to our success in delivering the demonstrator”
– Mark Elliott, Senior consultant – Costain Ltd