Our feature in Bristol Business Post

Emily Kent, co-founder and director of One Big Circle (OBC), was recently interviewed for a feature in the 55th Edition of the Bristol Business Post. The focus of the feature is about improving the effectiveness of video data insights for industrial applications. With a constantly increasing amount of video data to access, maximising the benefits drawn from this data is crucial.

Video data that is lacking in additional intelligence can only offer limited insights after an event has occurred. OBC’s intelligent video systems provide a platform for gaining insights through rapid-time analysis of data. Industries can benefit from improving their use of video to deliver on security, flexibility, and scalability. This reflects a step in the right direction from the current situation – a slow process of manual collection, review, and monitoring of video data.

The article also touches on the industry applications of intelligent video systems, such as analysing CCTV footage of high passenger footfall areas with machine vision to automatically identify hazards and raising alerts. Footage can even be accessed securely on mobile devices, providing staff with the information they need to respond to events that require immediate attention. Video analytics can also be applied to higher resolution images to identify anomalies and defects, informing proactive maintenance efforts. Utilising video data in a more intelligent manner has various safety and cost saving benefits, in addition to mitigating the environmental impact of storing an excess of non-essential data.

Head on over to the digital publication of Bristol Business Post and check it out! You can find our feature on page 16.