OBC rank 13th in the South West Tech Top 50

We are proud to announce that One Big Circle was ranked 13th in the recent BusinessCloud South West Tech Top 50 rankings! In a celebration of the UK’s technology sector, the rankings champion the most innovative companies in the industry across the South West region. An expert panel, with members from SETsquared Innovation Centre and Tech South West, in addition to over 1,700 reader votes, combined to whittle down 90 companies to 50, recognising OBC as one of the region’s top technological disruptors.

OBC’s recent innovations in intelligent video technology have put them on the cutting edge of the rail sector. Development of the Automated Intelligent Video Review system (AIVR) has produced valuable insights and safety benefits across the rail industry. The AIVR system is a lightweight, portable, train-borne device that is fixed inside the windscreen of the train cab. The device automatically captures video, locational, and telemetry data as the train travels across the network and uploads it to a securely accessible online portal. This cab ride footage can later be analysed to provide insights and highlight potential issues, such as vegetation risks, helping improve the safety and reliability of the rail network.

AIVR has proven to be effective when used in the industry. In a collaborative effort with Transport for Wales, smart cameras have been fitted on trains to automatically record, upload and analyse the railway infrastructure. This application of technology is a first of a kind use in the rail industry and has groundbreaking implications for infrastructure monitoring.